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  • Local Leaders Program | OTTA United

    LOCAL LEADERS PROGRAM Empowering youth by creating positive change through participant-led projects at local schools. IMPACT Our program has diverse benefits for youth participants involved, including: ​ Understanding social and political processes for change (self-efficacy) ​Acquiring practical skills (i.e. problem research, planning, execution, & impact analysis) Navigating the adult world (building connections, career development, etc.) ​ Additionally, local communities benefit from an active youth population. ​ ​ Youth-targeted programs are more effective with youth input. The community gains increased representation , pluralistic leadership , and participation . Introduction to new perspectives allows for leaders to better serve diverse communities . Curious about our research? OUR PROCESS By partnering with schools, our year-long program provides quality training and hands-on experience to youth participants. When establishing a site, we work closely with school administrators to identify potential projects and youth participants, pool collective resources, and facilitate collaboration between our local leaders and faculty. ​ ​ During the program, we use our 7-step, 3-phase curriculum to cover all the necessary skills necessary to complete a community project, including: ​ ​ GUIDANCE PHASE: RESEARCHING, PLANNING, PREPARING EXECUTION PHASE: EXECUTING A COMMUNITY PROJECT REFLECTION PHASE: ACCESSING, REVISING, CONCLUDING ​ Our hardworking site coordinators and talented mentors guide the growth of our youth participants throughout the program by performing administrative, teaching, and advising roles. SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY Support from the community makes possible the work we do. From donors to volunteers, your contribution goes a long way. Raising a child takes a small village; empowering one takes an city. We forge strong bonds not only with the youth we serve, but also those who make our program possible. ​ ​ Holistic support comes in a wide variety of forms, including but not limited to: ​ ​ DONATIONS, FROM SMALL TO LARGE VOLUNTEERS, FOR THIS PROGRAM AND OUR ORGANIZATION VOLUNTEER EXPERTS, NOTABLY INCLUDING MENTORS GET INVOLVED DONATE VOLUNTEER SUGGEST A SCHOOL

  • Get Involved | OTTA United

    Empowering the next generation of leaders Join Our Team OTTA United is a passionate team comprised of youth leaders, youth allies, and partners who enable us to further empower our communities. We offer job opportunities across various disciplines including community organizing, outreach, internal development, and more. JOB OPENINGS Support Our Cause A large part of our financial base comes from generous, individual donations. A contribution of any amount is highly welcome and goes toward advancing our mission. DONATE If you would like to send cash or check*, please mail to: ​ Our Time to Act United c/o Aidan Lin 600 B Street, Suite 300, San Diego, CA, 92101 ​ *Please make checks payable to Our Time to Act United

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    Ken Fesler Associate Executive Director Ken Fesler is a rising college freshman. A hard worker, he was a high school valedictorian while also serving as Treasurer for multiple school clubs. A Regent Scholar majoring in Political Science, he aspires to become a lawyer in the future. He gained valuable life and leadership skills by working as the Shift Lead at a local tea shop. His pastimes include learning new cultures, board and video games, and drinking tea. Email

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    Advocacy Program Youth Advocates (x3) Contributes to the creation and execution of an action agenda through research, education, and lobbying efforts. Organizes student political power through coalition building, letters of support, and/or petitions. Helps plan and execute youth delegation and conferences to grow the political voice of students. General Application

  • Our Team | OTTA United

    Our Staff Directors The people leading the everyday operations of OTTA United. Aidan Lin Executive Director Apurv Gupta Director of Services Ken Fesler Associate Executive Director Isaac Lara Assistant Director of Outreach Tommy Jung Director of Operations Leana Cortez Director of Advocacy Our Staff The people handling the everyday operations of OTTA United. Rachel Choy Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategist Aashika Srinivas Policy Analyst Andrew Park Core Staff Rhianen Callahan Community Coordinator Sparky Mitra Project Manager, Advocacy Team Board of Directors The governing body responsible for OTTA United's mission, priorities, long term development, and finances. Iris Leung President Janice Park Strategy & Risk Chair Marina Tostado Board Director Ria Maheshwari Vice President Gabrielle Darisme Ethics & Policy Chair Anna Pierce Board Director Samyak Jain Secretary Oliver Lin Board Director Allison Park Treasurer Ray Lin Board Director

  • Application | OTTA United

    Application Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are excited to review your application! If you have questions, please reach out to the point of contact below. Point of Contact Aidan Lin, Executive Director Social Media First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Which position are you applying for? arrow&v Basic Information Education Level Preferred Work Medium arrow&v Upload Resume/CV Select File Application Questions Tell us why you are passionate about our mission. Answer the prompt here. Describe how you fit the role you are applying to. Answer the prompt here. Discuss goals you have for yourself and the position. Answer the prompt here. Submit Application Is there anything you would like to add to your application? (Include any questions you may have) Your Signature Clear By signing, you affirm the accuracy of all information within this application to the best of your knowledge and authorize Our Time to Act United to use your information to contact you. SUBMIT APPLICATION An error occurred. Please try again Your application has been submitted!

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    Quilts Against Cancer Our Quilts Against Cancer event provided the opportunity for students to volunteer a couple hours to assemble quilts for cancer patients. Here's the video for how the event went.

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    Send us an email. Send us an email. Send us an email. Send us an email. Tutoring at CMS As a part of our education program, our organization began sending High School tutors to assist at Cupertino Middle School's after school "Homework Club." Twice a week for the majority of the year, our tutors could be found helping middle school kids with their homework, classwork, studying, and assignments.

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    Gabrielle Darisme Ethics & Policy Committee Chair Gabrielle Darisme is a freshman at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. Although undecided on her major, she strives to pursue an interdisciplinary focus and is interested in environmental science, biology, public health, and international policy. Gabrielle is an avid world traveler and has completed internships in Belize, Costa Rica, and South Africa. She has been a dedicated member of the OTTA United family since her Junior Year of High School. Outside of school, she has received serval Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) Awards, a Presidential Volunteer Award, hosted a TEDx conference, and has had artwork exhibited in the San Jose Museum of Art. Instagram | LinkedIn | Email

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    Samyak Jain Secretary, Ethics & Policy Committee Samyak Jain will be majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign this coming fall. He spends his free time dancing and spending time with his family. In his past few years being a Vice President with OTTA (formerly known as Bayreach), he has made countless priceless memories and connections and is looking forward to seeing what OTTA will accomplish next. Instagram | LinkedIn | Email