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    Check out our organization's press releases. OUR NEWS OUR MISSION By creating opportunities and experiences through our development programs, OTTA United enables youth to affect meaningful change for pressing problems faced by our communities. Learn more OUR VALUES OTTA United is a youth-founded organization that values authenticity and passion. We play the role of coalition builders and mentors within our communities, sharing knowledge, resources, credit, and impact. Learn more HIGHLIGHT Through the opportunities and experiences created by services and advocacy, we enable youth to effect meaningful change on pressing problems faced by our communities. Check out one of our highlights below! Redistricting in San Diego In 2021, OTTA United partnered with other community organizations to increase minority representation across San Diego. In particular, OTTA United was interested in increasing AAPI and student representation in city politics. ​ We partnered with 40+ community organizations, organized 120+ students to redistricting commission hearings, and ultimately increased the AAPI % of District 6 to over 40%. The Redistricting process is ignoring the needs of UC San Diego students This opinion piece published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 2, 2021, was written by Aidan Lin (Executive Director) to describe the issues faced by students participating in this process. UCSD Students See Opportunity to Cut Political Ties to La Jolla Maya Srikrishnan at the Voice of San Diego wrote the first article expressing the wishes and sentiments of youth during the 2020-21 San Diego redistricting process. Picture taken during a presentation by Aidan Lin on Sep. 8th, 2021 The Redistricting process is ignoring the needs of UC San Diego students This opinion piece published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 2, 2021, was written by Aidan Lin (Executive Director) to describe the issues faced by students participating in this process. 1/4 More Info JOIN OUR COMMUNITY JOIN OUR TEAM NEWSLETTER DONATE PRESS RELEASES

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    YOU OTTA SEE THIS PRESS RELEASES Recent updates 05/19/2022 Aidan Lin, Executive Director, awarded "Bridge Builder of the Year" for API Heritage Month 12/13/2021 OP-ED: The San Diego redistricting process protected the status quo. We need change 11/02/2021 OP-ED: Students are making waves in redistricting. San Diego should listen 01/09/2021 New year, new faces. Meet some of the new leaders of our organization Page 1 of 1 ALL PRESS RELEASES NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE JOIN OUR LIST! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Please enter your email and name.

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    Spread the Love & Care Packages The Spread the Love event began as a vision to bring joy to those who were unable to spend Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. Little did we know that this event would have much stronger of an impact than imagined. Students from all across the FUHSD District constructed valentines that were then distributed to 340 patients in Bay Area hospitals. Together, we were able to spread love from one community to the next.

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    Local Leaders Program Expansion Coordinator Scouts for potential public figures, site locations, and organizations for an expansion of impact, establishes first contact with potential sites and supporters, and paves the way for future expansion. General Application

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    Ray Lin Strategy & Risk Committee Ray brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in Finance and Operations. He possesses a broad business background, having worked for start up and Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profits. Currently, Mr. Lin heads Business Operations at Quotient Technology, leveraging business process re-engineering disciplines and his penchant for collaboration to drive continuous improvement across the organization. He is passionate about serving, mentoring, and empowering youth through OTTA United. Email

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    Lauren Tan Specialist Team: Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Tan is a high school senior and the current Volunteer Coordinator at OTTA United. This year she is excited to be senior class president after having been in ASB the previous year. She has been in cross country for all of high school and was one of the leads in the school musical. She has a lot of volunteer experience at a soup kitchen, Teen Advisory Board at her local library, and Kaiser Permanente, which led her to her title as Teen Chinatown Community Service. In addition to all of her volunteer work, she started the annual Family Giving Tree Drive at her school. In her freetime, she loves to hang out with friends, bake cookies with her sisters, and eat chocolate. She aspires to pursue a career in healthcare. Instagram | Email

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    REDISTRICTING REFORM "[The commission] simply [did] not reflect the diversity of San Diego , nor the experiences of most residents, and repeatedly proved themselves incapable of putting aside their own biases for the good of the city. No wonder the Commission has been incapable of handling the complex racial dynamics at the center of redistricting." AIDAN LIN Executive Director, OTTA United BACKGROUND Both API and youth suffer a lack of representation in the city politics of San Diego. Only three API city council members have been elected in the city's history: Tom Hom (elected 1963), Todd Gloria (elected 2008), and Chris Cate (elected 2014). Youth, on the other hand, face countless roadblocks to achieving legitimate stakeholder status in politics. GOALS REACH and ENGAGE API and youth citizens in University City. _ ​​ PROCESS From April to May , OTTA United will run a voter registration campaign in University City, targeting API and youth citizens . ​ From May to June , and September to November , we will run two get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaigns for the primary and general election, respectively. ​ To contact voters, we will put boots on the ground with a trained team of approximately a dozen youth (age 18-24). This allows us to open new opportunities while building a team that best suits the University City community. ​ In addition to door-knocking, OTTA United will plan a comprehensive community outreach campaign to complement our door-to-door efforts, including advertisements, community events, and business collaboration. TARGETS 15,871 Interactions with youth voters 9,384 Interactions with API voters 25,255 Interactions with target voters 29,951 Total visits to households $4.75 Cost of reaching one target voter

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    Allison Park Treasurer, Finance & Development Committee Chair Allison is a high school junior who enjoys learning about the world and people around her. She is an avid clarinet player with various honor band and youth orchestra experience, and she serves as a drum major for her school marching band. When not hurdling or throwing for her school track and field team, Allison can be found hanging out with friends, watching movies, solving different types of puzzles, or organizing things around the house. Email

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    Application Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are excited to review your application! If you have questions, please reach out to the point of contact below. Point of Contact Aidan Lin, Executive Director Social Media First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Which position are you applying for? arrow&v Education Level Preferred Work Medium arrow&v Describe why you are applying to this position and how you fit the role you are applying to. Answer the prompt here. Upload Resume/CV Select File Is there anything you would like to add to your application? (Include any questions you may have) Your Signature Clear By signing, you affirm the accuracy of all information within this application to the best of your knowledge and authorize Our Time to Act United to use your information to contact you. SUBMIT APPLICATION An error occurred. Please try again Your application has been submitted!