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  • Youth Empowerment Nonprofit | OTTA United | United States

    Come out to our event: Get Out To Vote Campaign Kickoff . ATTEND! OUR MISSION By creating opportunities and experiences through our development programs, OTTA United enables youth to affect meaningful change for pressing problems faced by our communities. Learn more OUR VALUES OTTA United is a youth-founded organization that values authenticity and passion. We play the role of coalition builders and mentors within our communities, sharing knowledge, resources, credit, and impact. Learn more ADVOCACY OTTA United employs transformative organizing and empowers individuals and groups to create change within our communities. In doing this, we increase the efficacy of our advocacy while simultaneously building lifelong youth advocates and leaders in the region. SERVICES OTTA United's services fill a niche or gap in youth needs to support the rising generation. While approaches differ, our services always further youth empowerment or sociopolitical development. EVENTS OTTA United's events bring value to youth and allies across the board, focusing on community building, outreach, and fundraising. We cherish the opportunity to interact with our supporters and constituents, building key relationships and providing benefits for all. HIGHLIGHT Through the opportunities and experiences created by services and advocacy, we enable youth to effect meaningful change on pressing problems faced by our communities. Check out one of our highlights below! Redistricting in San Diego In 2021, OTTA United partnered with other community organizations to increase minority representation across San Diego. In particular, OTTA United was interested in increasing AAPI and student representation in city politics. ​ We partnered with 40+ community organizations, organized 120+ students to redistricting commission hearings, and ultimately increased the AAPI % of District 6 to over 40%. More Info The Redistricting process is ignoring the needs of UC San Diego students This opinion piece published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 2, 2021, was written by Aidan Lin (Executive Director) to describe the issues faced by students participating in this process. UCSD Students See Opportunity to Cut Political Ties to La Jolla Maya Srikrishnan at the Voice of San Diego wrote the first article expressing the wishes and sentiments of youth during the 2020-21 San Diego redistricting process. Picture taken during a presentation by Aidan Lin on Sep. 8th, 2021 The Redistricting process is ignoring the needs of UC San Diego students This opinion piece published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 2, 2021, was written by Aidan Lin (Executive Director) to describe the issues faced by students participating in this process. 1/4 JOIN OUR COMMUNITY JOIN OUR TEAM NEWSLETTER DONATE

  • News | OTTA United

    YOU OTTA SEE THIS PRESS RELEASES Recent updates The Redistricting Process Favored the Status Quo, Again. That Needs to Change. As we near the end of a turbulent redistricting process, a major takeaway is that many diverse, underrepresented communities were let down by the commission. And once again, the consequences are especially dire for UC San Diego students. READ THIS RELEASE 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE JOIN OUR LIST! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Please enter your email and name.

  • Our Team | OTTA United

    Our Staff The people handling the everyday operations of OTTA United. Aidan Lin Executive Director Apurv Gupta Director of Services Rhianen Callahan Community Coordinator Ken Fesler Associate Executive Director Isaac Lara Assistant Director of Outreach Sparky Mitra Project Manager, Advocacy Team Tommy Jung Director of Operations Rachel Choy Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategist Aashika Srinivas Policy Analyst Leana Cortez Director of Advocacy Andrew Park Core Staff Board of Directors The governing body responsible for OTTA United's mission, priorities, long term development, and finances. Iris Leung President Janice Park Strategy & Risk Chair Marina Tostado Board Director Ria Maheshwari Vice President Gabrielle Darisme Ethics & Policy Chair Anna Pierce Board Director Samyak Jain Secretary Oliver Lin Board Director Allison Park Treasurer Ray Lin Board Director

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    Open Positions API and Youth Canvasser San Diego, CA, USA View Position 1 1 ... 1 ... 1

  • About Us | OTTA United

    ABOUT US OUR MISSION & STRATEGY Simply put, we strive to empower youth –– and when we encourage youth to get involved, the entire local community benefits. According to our research , youth engagement within decision-making creates more effective representation, fosters pluralistic leadership, and strengthens democratic institutions. Socially, youth experience greater self-awareness, positive identity development and social bonding, and a sense of purpose. It’s a win-win for everyone! ​ Our general strategy is to build youth power in areas predominantly occupied by adults to benefit young people and the community as a whole. We seek innovative and effective ways to create new pathways in sociopolitical systems that increase the influence wielded by the next generation of leaders and citizens, emphasizing issues that disproportionately affect young people. OUR PHILOSOPHY 1. Authentic & Passionate We value authenticity and passion in the work we do. By acting with integrity and remaining impact-driven, we constantly put these values into practice. 2. Mentors & Coalition-builders We play the role of mentors and coalition-builders in our communities. We can achieve the most by collaborating, openly sharing resources, and fostering robust networks. 3. Justice-seeking & people-centered Justice-seeking and people-centered perspectives are the lenses through which we perceive the world. They help us keep our highest priorities in clear view. OUR TEAM LEARN MORE NOW WHAT? Thank you for taking interest in our organization! Check out how to get involved below, or reach out to us at for any questions. GET INVOLVED

  • Iris Leung

    < Back Iris Leung President Bio Iris is a first year at University of Southern California that's looking to find an interdisciplinary major between the arts and stem. Aside from being an officer of several school clubs, she is also a Monopoly enthusiast and a very devoted spreadsheet user. Outside of school, Iris volunteers regularly at Stanford's Cantor Arts Center, is a seasoned graphic designer for several animal shelters and clinics, and works with several other nonprofit organizations.

  • Rachel Choy

    < Back Rachel Choy Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategist Bio Rachel is a sophomore at Santa Clara University with a major of Marketing and a double minor of Retail Studies and Studio Art. She joined OTTA United as the Graphic Designer in May, 2021 and added the Marketing Strategist role in January, 2022. Prior to OTTA United, Rachel worked for Mountain View Tennis as their Social Media Specialist and Tennis Instructor. Rachel also occupied herself with numerous personal projects such as 2D animations, comics, and selling stickers. In her free time, Rachel enjoys drawing, hiking, and daydreaming. rachel.choy@ottaunited.orgg

  • Andrew Park

    < Back Andrew Park Core Staff Bio Andrew Park is currently a junior attending high school in the Bay Area. He's been with OTTA since 2020, and is currently a senior Staff member focused on providing insight and feedback on operations. When not working to foster youth empowerment, Andrew spends most of his time on his schoolwork and academic advancement. However, he likes to listen to music or take walks whenever he can, and he's constantly engrossed in a new short story or poem.

  • Anna Pierce

    < Back Anna Pierce Board Director Bio Anna Pierce is currently on the Strategy and Risk Committee of OTTA United. She was the Assistant Director of External Operations with Bayreach, Student Leader, and Woodwind Captain with her school’s marching band. In workspaces, she values collaboration and a shared desire for success. Outside of school and OTTA United, Anna loves to figure skate, horseback ride, and travel. She is also fluent in French and hopes to major in Sports Management.

  • Aidan Lin

    < Back Aidan Lin Executive Director Bio Aidan Lin is a sophomore studying Political Science at the University of California, San Diego. He has been involved with OTTA United since its inception, previously serving as Director of Operations before becoming President in May 2019. In the past, Aidan received the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award, National Merit Recognition, and Hispanic Honors. In his free time, he enjoys listening to and playing music, writing, and advancing subjects in which he is passionate about.