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  • Why Give? | OTTA United

    Help us organize the future in the present WHY GIVE? BECOME A MEMBER OTHER WAYS TO GIVE Our work is life-changing and transformational Building youth power has the ability to transform communities and make the world a better place. Take, for instance, our recent wins in the past year in San Diego increasing youth and diverse representation in the community planning process and opening thousands of acres of land to more housing development to create more housing opportunities for youth and students . Where your money goes It's important to know what your donation goes towards. Here are our three main categories for use of funds: ORGANIZING YOUTH POWER We organize youth and build youth power by performing outreach, recruitment, programming, training, mentorship, mobilizing, and leadership development to support youth on causes that matter to them. HIGH-IMPACT PROJECTS We run various youth-led, high-impact projects that drive change in specific focus areas. Last year, we supported youth and AAPI voter engagement, redistricting reform, and housing and transit advocacy. TEAM CAPACITY BUILDING When you donate, you empower our young team to organize and advocate for youth across California. Our capacity is also dependent on training, insurance, critical software, and office space. At OTTA United, this is our power. Check out this short video showcasing some of our amazing team and work we do here. Give today BECOME A MEMBER OTHER WAYS TO GIVE

  • Other Ways to Give | OTTA United

    Help us organize the future in the present WHY GIVE? BECOME A MEMBER OTHER WAYS TO GIVE Looking for other ways to give? The best way to support our work is to become a member . But if that's not for you, we welcome and appreciate other ways to support our cause. Action hub for alternative giving: If you'd like to make a one-time donation, it's simple and easy. MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION For other types of giving listed below, please reach out to Aidan Lin, Executive Director, at . ​ Major Gifts In-Kind Donations Corporate Sponsorships Foundation Grants Donating your time If you are interested in giving your time through volunteering, the best way to let us know is to sign up for our newsletter and check the "volunteering" box as one of your interests. Share our cause with your network The easiest way to help us fundraise is to share our cause with your friends, family, and colleagues. Fundraisers that are shared on social networks raise up to 5 times more. Our youth organizing is depending on it!

  • Donate | OTTA United

    Help us organize the future in the present WHY GIVE? BECOME A MEMBER OTHER WAYS TO GIVE MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION BECOME A MEMBER Why become a member? Without you, we can't tap into the passion, creativity, and out-of-the-box perspective that youth bring to the table. Last year, we recruited hundreds of youth to make a brighter future possible. We need your help in order to continue this work. Why monthly or yearly? We ask for a recurring donation because our work is an ongoing effort — day to day, month to month, and year to year. We need consistent resources to deliver sustained results, and we want to foster a robust relationship with you to take meaningful strides toward achieving our mission. Membership levels BECOME A MEMBER PEEP Invitation to quarterly members-only "Coffee Chats!" $5/mo $60/yr FRIEND Invitation to quarterly members-only "Coffee Chats!" 50% off of our Annual Gala Ticket ($50 value) $15/mo $180/yr SUPPORTER Invitation to quarterly members-only "Coffee Chats!" 1 Annual Gala Ticket ($100 value) Behind-the-scenes content of our youth-led organizing $25/mo $300/yr ADVOCATE Invitation to our quarterly members-only "Coffee Chats!" 2 Annual Gala Tickets and special recognition as Gala Co-Host ($350 value) Behind-the-scenes content of our youth-led organizing Invitation to quarterly "Roundtable Discussions" with Staff & Board Leadership Public recognition on our website (Optional) $50/mo $600/yr Membership Goals In order to provide stability for our nonprofit, we set membership goals every month. Become a member today to help us reach our goals and fund our cause! New members (out of 100) Raised (out of $10,000)

  • People

    Team Members ​ ​ Read More Andrew Park Core Staff Read More Ria Maheshwari Vice President Read More Karis Lin Associate Graphic Designer Read More Hadil Salih Executive Assistant Read More Allison Park Treasurer Read More Rachel Choy Director of Communications Read More Janice Park President Read More Iris Leung President Read More Amaya Lin Community Builder Read More Aarohan Hariharan Housing Justice Organizer Read More Apurv Gupta Director of Services Read More Arianna Alvarado Housing Justice Organizer Read More Donovan Schipper API Voter Engagement Project Coordinator Read More Aidan Lin Executive Director Read More Ken Fesler Associate Executive Director Read More Samyak Jain Secretary Read More Tommy Jung Director of Operations Read More Manu Agni Board Director Read More Masaki Mendoza Housing Justice Organizer Read More

  • Karis Lin

    < Back Karis Lin Associate Graphic Designer Amaya has always enjoyed art such as sketching and painting. She is mostly self-taught but is currently taking her first official art classes in high school. She also enjoys performing arts such as dance and marching cymbals. Amaya is most passionate about mental health awareness and LBGTQIA+ advocacy and support.

  • News | OTTA United

    YOU OTTA SEE THIS PRESS RELEASES Recent updates 05/06/2023 OTTA United Celebrates Positivity and Community in Pro-Housing Listening Session 03/11/2023 Press Conference and Rally: The University Community is Pro-Housing 02/15/2023 OTTA United & students play a major role in successful push for more housing in San Diego 02/06/2023 OP-ED: "More Housing, For Us and Our Climate" by Nicole Lillie, Housing Projects Director Page 1 of 6 ALL PRESS RELEASES NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE OTTA BLURBS A variety of articles, blogs, and quick reads written by our team. Benjamin Wang Dec 3, 2022 2 min Our First Annual Winter Gala... And You're Invited! 85 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 OTTA United Oct 13, 2022 3 min Meet OTTA: Aidan Lin 288 20 likes. Post not marked as liked 20 OUR INSTAGRAM Press Releases Newsletter Instagram OTTA Blurbs

  • Tommy Jung

    < Back Tommy Jung Director of Operations Tommy (he/him/his) recently graduated from the University of California San Diego with Bachelors of Science in Political Science: Data Analytics and a minor in Business. He joined OTTA United in November 2021 as the Director of Operations. As Director of Operations, Tommy has developed fundraising strategies, performed data analysis for advocacy projects, and helped plan out project operations. Outside of OTTA United, Tommy has served on the University of California Systemwide Title IX Student Advisory Board for two years, served at Associated Students of UC San Diego for two years as a Title IX Project Coordinator and Campus-wide Senator, and worked as an orientation leader for three years. He has also competed in two UC San Diego Urban Design Challenges and walked away with three awards, one individual award for outstanding public speaker. Tommy is currently applying for law school and hopes to pursue a career in civil rights litigation or transportation law.

  • McKayla Dasha Sarmiento

    < Back McKayla Dasha Sarmiento AVEP Researcher McKayla is a Human Biology Student at the University of California San Diego. She joined OTTA in September 2022 as an AVEP Researcher. As a researcher, McKayla is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on barriers to API voting. Before OTTA, McKayla worked in her Associated Students’ Office of Local Affairs as the Marketing Director, where she helped with redistricting efforts. She eventually hopes to attend graduate or medical school in pursuit for a career in medicine or biomedical research. She plans to use her career and focus her work on uplifting and addressing the many issues minority populations face within the healthcare system.

  • Rhianen Callahan

    < Back Rhianen Callahan Community Coordinator Rhianen is majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in Ethnic Studies at UCSD. Their current passions are queer and disability justice as well as being open about their journey with PTSD. Rhianen's two modes are productive working at a local cafe or playing on their Switch, curled up on their couch. They consider themselves to be the part-time cool uncle of Isaac's yorkie.

  • Assistant Director of Development

    < Back to Open Positions Assistant Director of Development Volunteer South Bay Area APPLY Rolling application. Priority given to applications submitted before September 30th. ABOUT THE ROLE The Assistant Director of Development works within the Operations branch focusing on fund procurement and financial security. They help guide and direct the work of the Fundraising Specialists and Grant Writers to financially support Our Time to Act United's mission. REQUIREMENTS Prior relevant experience preferred. Demonstrates ability to connect others to our mission and foster interpersonal relations. Exemplifies strong leadership qualities. High school student or beyond. 8-10 hours, 2-3 meetings a week. Our scheduling is highly flexible. Values cooperation, creativity, growth-mindset. Exhibits organization, diligence, and dedication. Passion for youth empowerment. ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION While pursuing our mission of youth empowerment, Our Time to Act United understands the importance of fostering a safe, welcoming, and positive environment for all. As such, the actions we take align with our values as an organization and as individuals. We value meaningful impact. We always seek to genuinely support those that we serve and the people within our organization. We are committed to being an inclusive and diverse group of people. These values are reflected in our hiring practices, decision-making, and programs. Our team and organization is growth-minded and development-focused. We always have room to improve! Our organization promotes honesty, communication, and integrity. These values allow for us to be a cooperative, productive, and effective team. We praise creativity and ingenuity. Nothing is more exciting than thinking outside of the box or challenging the status quo. Applications are a two-way street. We make our values as an organization clear to you in order to make sure our team is the right fit—and we hope we are! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our organization, values, workplace environment, or the application process. APPLY

  • Aashika Srinivas, Policy Analyst, presents redistricting reform research to SD City Council

    < Back Aashika Srinivas, Policy Analyst, presents redistricting reform research to SD City Council Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Leana Cortez, Director of Advocacy If one were to describe the 2020-2021 San Diego Redistricting process, “equitable” would scarcely be used. The current structure of the process enforces the power of wealthy, single-family homeowners while leaving San Diego’s youth and BIPOC communities vastly underrepresented. As youth ourselves, OTTA United endeavored to disrupt this structure and begin our research for reform. These measures included: Changing the appointing authority. Partial district detachment. Implementation of a two-part selection process. These proposed changes would simply bring San Diego’s City redistricting process up to par with our neighboring cities and the state. Aashika Srinivas, policy analyst at OTTA United, brought these reform suggestions to the San Diego City Council Rules Committee on April 20th, 2022. She did a wonderful job presenting during non-agenda public comment and caught the attention of two councilmembers. Councilmember Chris Cate commented that he was "encouraged by some of [Aashika's] ideas." Council President Sean Elo-Rivera was "intrigued by the presentation," "appreciate[d] the level of civic engagement of the youth who presented," and thanked us for "having engaged in the redistricting process." With this encouragement, OTTA United will continue to meet with councilmembers to figure out the further development and implementation of such reforms to ensure just representation occurs for the diverse city of San Diego. Next Previous

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