What, who, and how...?

         OTTA United achieves its mission through its programs. Our flagship program is the YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SERVICE or the YES Program for short. This program creates selective groups of four to six youth who research, identify, and address significant problems in their local communities. 

         OTTA United’s YES Groups represent opportunities for youth created by youth. Through our project, we seek to engage students to become leaders and to motivate, encourage, and inspire their peers. The benefit of involving youth is twofold:

1) students can learn to understand, relate, and reach out to their peers to solve community issues, &

2) they acquire life skills and work-like experience while doing so.

         While the YES Program is our flagship program, we also offer a wide range of opportunities and programs that are more thoroughly explored here.

Some pictures from 2019 youth organized & led events.

8/7/2019 Serving Food to the Homeless.

10/20/2019 City and Beach Clean-up.

11/22/2019 Unwind Your Mind youth mental health event.

Glass Buildings
Some distinguished leaders within our organization.

Samyak Jain. Former Director of Finance and Vice President, Current Acting Secretary and Board Director. Co-founder and a two-year veteran with OTTA.

Gabrielle Darisme. Former Director of Volunteering, current Board Director. One and a half years of experience with OTTA.

Iris Leung. Former Assistant Director of Internal Operations, Current Executive Director. Ten months of experience with OTTA.

What, who, and how...?

         OTTA United is proudly powered by students at all levels of our organization. Our youth participants, volunteers, staff, and Board members within OTTA embody the empowerment we strive to achieve across the country.

What, who, and how...?

         OTTA United stands for Our Time To Act United. Built upon the foundations of our previous name, Bayreach, OTTA United's vision is to empower youth to positively impact our communities of today and tomorrow. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit since August 2018, our organization and staff have learned much from our two year journey. Yet despite the ever-changing obstacles, we find strength and stability in our passion and dedication to teach, inspire, and guide the next generation of young leaders.

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