Program manager interns will get a chance to fully engage in all aspects of business function. With a wide variety of programs and tasks including checking up on YES groups, creating new programs, assisting tutoring facilitation, attending specialist meetings, and more, all interns will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with other members of the team, while learning and helping OTTAUnited make an impact on both our local community and national community.

Volunteer interns will have a job consisting of assisting OTTA United programs, such as YES groups, SMS tutoring, and OVC (OTTA Volunteer Corps). Your time will be put towards facilitating our volunteer programs and assisting other events/projects such as fundraisers or the YES program. Because of covid-19, it is hard to hold volunteer events, so we will try our best to keep up our volunteer programs online. As a volunteer intern we encourage you to have good communication skills, creativity, and dedication.

Research and Development interns will work on the development of new programs and the bettering of existing ones. For our YES program, you will select the best possible groups of people based on their MBTI personality types, along with other selection-based data about how people work. For our newer programs, research potential ideas and how they could be implemented. Additionally, work closely with our Volunteer Coordinator, Project Managers, and other interns to execute various community service programs to better the lives of the youth in our communities.

As an Outreach Intern, one would help plan, design, and publish social media posts while maintaining OTTA United’s website. Social media posts include flyers for events, paid advertising, campaign information, and other event related content. Website maintenance includes constant updates after events, drafting monthly newsletters, and managing user input such as sign-ups, donations, or efforts of contact. We encourage our applicants to have some experience in social media management and content creation but only time, effort, and dedication are required.

As a Fundraising Intern, one would help OTTA apply for grants from charitable organizations. Through writing, we aim to convey the importance of our organization’s message to the audience. A Fundraising Intern would also help plan and execute fundraising events and activities when possible. We hope that Fundraising Interns will grant us the opportunity to work with them!

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